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Nest Temperature off by at least 6 degrees

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So our HVAC unit died 5 days ago. We've had the Nest (2nd Generation) for a little over 2 weeks. It worked great when we first installed it but the day the HVAC unit blew we woke up to the Nest claiming it was almost 80 degrees in the house and our standard thermometer saying it was only about 60 degrees. My body agreed with the 60 degrees. The Nest itself felt very warm but once we discovered the HVAC was going we forgot about the Nest and worried more about the new HVAC.  Now that we have it installed, I reset the Nest yesterday but it was still saying the temperature was more than 10 degrees different than my standard thermometer.  Today it's about 6 degrees different. Does anyone have any experience with this sort of thing?  I'm completely baffled as I want my new Nest to complement my new HVAC.  They are compatible with each other, but they just don't seem to want to play nice at the moment.  Help!

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     jcanavera Champion

    You might look at the state of the charge in your battery on the Nest.  When the battery gets low, temperature readings start getting inaccurate.  When I had problems with battery voltage and was down to about 3.61 or so, the thermostat showed 70 degrees even though inside temperatures on my digital thermometer showed 60.   The house was cold and the set point on the Nest was 65 degrees.  When talking to the tech about the battery problem I noted that the temperature reading on the Nest was much higher than actual.  He told me that was due to the low battery and that it would straighten itself out once the charge got back to normal status. 


    I'm wondering that when the HVAC went out, did it disrupt the charging circuit to the Nest?  If so how long?  I'm just wondering how low the voltage went down and where it is currently?  You just might want to check.

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    Nest Employee

    Hi BurnsHouse


    The Nest shouldn’t feel warmer than the wall next to it.


    If you’re still having this problem, please call in when you have a chance so we can check it out with you: 855-4MY-NEST