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Gen 1 vs. Gen 2

New Nester

I got my generation 1 Nest early and I absolutely love it. I noticed recently that there is a generation 2 Nest. Is there any benefit to me to upgrade to a gen 2 from my gen 1, or am I should I just stick with my first generation where it works great now?

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    Aside from a few changes and a sweet new look, your first generation Nest will work and be supported for a long time to come, so I don't think it's worth updating unless you really like the look of the new one.

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      The second generation's design is not so completely different, but it does make Nest look much more striking with its slimmer profile. Stunning design, will surely make your guests ask what it is if they don't know, or tell you how much they love theirs if they do!

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    New Nester

    The other thing to keep in mind is the first-generation nest has a five year warranty whereas the second-generation nest has only a two year warranty.

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     sam291 New Nester

    I hate to raise this discussion from the dead, but I want to know exactly what you guys mean by "a long time." Do both units share the same processor and amount of memory? Or is it possible in the future that Gen1 units stop receiving updates due to hardware limitations while Gen2 units continue to receive updates?

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       jcanavera Champion

      I think the biggest reason to potentially consider a gen2 Nest over the gen1 is the difference in the back plates.  The gen2 Nest has additional terminals which allows it to interface with many other HVAC systems along with humidifiers.


      I would consider the age of your HVAC equipment and if you have an upgrade within 5 years or so, I'd go with gen2 since there is the potential that you will have a different unit that may need the newer Nest terminals.


      Remember the feds forced us to a new gas furnace standard this year.  What happens if they do this in the future with AC units that could have multiple stages?  Unfortunately the compatibility of the gen 1 Nest may not as much be limited by Nest, but more by the equipment we end up using to heat and cool our homes.

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      Nest Employee

      Hi sam291,


      The hardware specifications and software is identical between the 1st and 2nd gen Nests. They will both be receiving the same software updates. There are no hardware limitations that would prevent software updates on the 1st gen Nest.



      -Calvin C.