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Here are some FAQs about the community and how to use it.


We created the Nest Community so Nest customers could talk to each other, both to help each other out with support issues and to connect about interesting things, like suggestions for future features, ideas for how to save energy, heads up about new rebates and updates on cool technology and beautiful home design.


If you have a technical problem with your Nest, make sure to visit our support site or call support at 855-4MY-NEST.


To participate in the community, you need to have a Nest Account and follow the Nest Community House Rules, posted permanently in the About the Community board.


1. What do I need to get started?

You can browse the community without logging in, but if you want to make a new post, reply to a message, or suggest a new product feature, you’ll need to log in with your Nest Account.


If you already have a Nest Account, simply click “Log in” and create a username. If you don’t have a Nest yet, you can sign up for an Account here.


Unfortunately we can currently only allow one email per Nest Account.



2. What do I do if I forget my Nest Account password?

Go to  your Nest Account and click the “Forgot my password” link. You have the same password for your Nest Account and the Nest Community.



3. Can I delete my Nest Account? Can I change my username?

No, you can’t delete your Nest Account or change your username.


But you can create a new Nest Account and a different username, but only one Nest Account can be linked to your Nest thermostat.



4. How do I edit my profile or change my email preferences?

Once you log in to the Nest Community, you’ll see your username at the top of the page. Click on it and you’ll reach your profile. There you can edit your avatar or profile picture, add info about yourself and edit your email preferences.



5. I don't want other users to see my email address, yet when I'm logged in I see it in my profile! Why?

Your email and private information are only visible to you. Others can only see your username, avatar and profile photo, and whatever information you’ve entered about yourself.



6. I have a question or a product suggestion. What now?

First, search to see if someone has already posted your question or idea. Go to the search bar at the top of the community and type in your question or some keywords.


If you don’t find what you’re looking for, go Product Suggestions or Help with Nest or Energy and make a new post. In Help with Nest and other areas of the site, click on the "Make a new post" button on the top right. In Product Suggestions, this button is called “Make a suggestion”.



7. How can I make sure people see my post?

If you’re asking a question, make sure to mark your post as a question. Other Nesters will earn points for answering it.


You should also have a descriptive title and tag your post with keywords that will help people find your post. For example, if you have a question about whether your router is compatible with Nest, make sure to tag your post with “Wi-Fi” and “router”.



8. What happens if I mark my post as a question?

When you click the checkbox that indicates that your post is a question, a few things will happen:

  • It’ll get this icon: so everyone knows it’s a question and can come help you out.
  • People will post answers to get points and level up in the community. And because they’re genuinely helpful, kind human beings.
  • You’ll be able to mark a reply to your question as the answer so people who have a similar question can quickly find the answer too. You can also mark two replies to your original post as helpful.



9. How do I answer a question?

If you know the answer to a question, you can answer it by clicking on the Reply link. If the original poster thinks your answer is correct or helpful, they'll mark it as such.



10. What do the stars and symbols under people’s usernames mean?

As members of the community talk to each other, answer questions and suggest ideas, they get points. You start as a New Nester with one star and level up to Explorer, then Contributor, Expert, and finally Guru with five stars.


If you see this icon    that means the user is a Nest employee.



11. How can I get points?

You get points for participating in the community. Here’s what you can get points for:


  • Making a new post: 8 points
  • Posting a correct response to a question: 10 points
  • Creating a new product suggestion: 8 points
  • Posting a helpful response to a question: 8 points
  • Reply to a discussion: 2 points
  • Comment on any content: 2 points
  • Have someone follow you: 1 point
  • Follow someone else: 1 point
  • Vote on an idea: 1 point



12. What do the icons for different kinds of content mean?

When you look at featured or recent content or doing a search, you’ll see different icons for different kinds of content


  •   Means this is a discussion. 
  •   Means this is a question.  
  • Means this is a product suggestion. 



13. What does it mean when I follow someone or something?

You can follow a thread or another member of the community. There are two ways to follow: in your inbox or your connections stream.


If you follow something in your inbox, you’ll be emailed any time there’s a change in the thread - when someone replies or comments, for example.


If you follow in your connections stream, you’ll simply see a notification about the change once you return to the community. The notification will appear as a number


  • To follow a thread, simply click the “Follow” button at the top right. You’ll be able to choose whether to follow it in your inbox, connections stream or both.
  • To follow another member, you can hover over their username or avatar and click the Follow button that appears. You can also go to their profile and follow them from there.


14. What does the envelope by my name mean?

Click on the envelope by your name and you’ll get access to your Inbox and Connections Stream, where you’ll see info about everything you’re following, whether someone has responded to your post, etc.


If you see a number by that envelope, that means you have some kind of notification, either in your inbox or your connections stream.