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Improved Functionality for Single HVAC Mulit-Zone (Multi-Nest!) Systems.

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I have a single HVAC System with two floors zoned controlled by an Arzel zoning panel and Two Nests. I LOVE this setup but I think there may be some room for some software tweaks in these Multi-Zone scenarios. After adding a toggle that turns on "Muli-Zone" during setup the following changes could take place:


1. Intelligent energy usage. The way its setup now if both Nests are requesting AC I show double the power usage. Ideally what I would like to see is when this mode is turned on Nests on the account go to a "Usage by Zone" system but the times when both are commanded on (and obviously only one HVAC could be running) a way to tell on the chart that has occurred and possibly remove the overlap from the monthly usage chart?


2. Have Nest use its time to temp to help us more effectively schedule temperature changes. For example with both zones running it can take quite awhile to get our upstairs down to temp during the summer but when its just that zone running its very quick. Maybe an intelligent scheduling algo to keep the overlap to a minimum based on time to temp?


I'm sure there are a ton more things that could be done to help Zoned systems but these are the two that really jump out at me right now.